Bar Inventory in 15 Minutes on iOS

Our customers save $1,200 to $5,000 a month

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Our Customers Love Us

“Partender's cutting-edge inventory system saves $3000 each month on labor and on loss reduction like over-pouring. It’s so simple - the second people see it, they love it.”

Matthew O. Antoine’s & Hermes Bar

"Partender's labor savings paid for the 12-mo subscription in under 2 months. Even better, the ability to cut dead stock and promote specials has helped us make much more revenue.”

Ben H. Ben’s Brewing Co.

"Partender has revolutionized the process of inventory tracking and provides an advance in restaurant technology that has not been seen since the digital point of sale system."

Nick M Blowfish Sushi

How bar inventory works with Partender

Set up your virtual bar in Partender

  • One-time setup process
  • Add bottles in the order you see them
  • Split up the work on multiple devices
  • Use iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad

Do Inventory on any iOS device in minutes with up to 99.2% accuracy

1. Tap

Instead of guessing on a 10-point scale, just tap to wherever the liquor level is in the bottle in front of you.

2. Swipe

Tap the screen to set the liquid level, add any full bottles, then swipe to the right to get to the next bottle.

3. Done

When you hit "Finish," you'll instantly get your Purchase Order, which you can literally forward off to your distributors.

Instantly Generate Your Purchase Order

See exactly what you have in-stock, what you're low on, and exactly what you need to re-order based on what's under par -- sorted by distributor. Automagically. Even see your inventory's wholesale and retail value to calculate your beverage cost in minutes.

Log into your own online portal to see trends in your bar & download previous inventory reports

  • See what’s selling the best and worst
  • Compare inventory in different areas of your establishment (e.g. Main Bar vs. Tiki Bar)
  • Swap brands out based on what’s selling the best/worst (e.g. Belvedere vs. Greg Goose)
  • Download archive inventory sessions to see how past events impacted actual consumption

Specialty whiskey room or brewery? We got you covered - Partender’s not standard liquor inventory software. Count & track anything.

Partender’s flexible system lets you take partial and whole inventory counts of any food, drink, or other item - just take a picture:

  • In-house infusions & craft spirits
  • Kegs & CO2 tanks
  • Cigars & cigarettes
  • Sauces, salmon fillets
  • And any other item you have in your establishment

Are you a top-tier establishment? We even integrate with every point of sale, so you can reduce theft and beverage cost even faster.

The best establishments opt for our premium consulting service to get POS reconciliation, beverage cost calculation, and other exclusive access to Partender.